Why choose a Custom Home Builder, like Gilcon Building Group, over a Project Home Builder?

As a builder this is a “no brainer” for us. Put simply, ask yourself - would you like your home to be a quality build that is going to last your lifetime or would you prefer a home that is really only designed to last until the warranty has expired? Of course your budget comes into play – however, are you really saving money if your dream home doesn’t last the test of time?

Why the higher build costs with a Custom Home Builder than with a Project Home Builder?

There are a few key factors as to why the price of a Custom Builder will be higher than a project Builder. Firstly, we are building one off “custom” homes that haven’t been built before. They are one of a kind, unique homes that are not straight of the production line. They are not mass produced so we have to pay a premium from our suppliers, from the frame company, window company right down to the finishing trades like the kitchen builder. They have to set up all their machinery to make a “custom” one off home. You also get to design your home not just choose a plan. We also build our homes to last. We don’t just build to code. We over engineer everything to make sure your ceiling won’t sag, your door heads wont dip and your slab won’t have structural cracks. Finally, our service is more personal than a large Project Builder, you actually get to meet the owner of the company and deal with them on site.

How can I reduce the possibility of extra build costs / cost variations during construction?

Variations or extra costs above the contract price generally occur because of unknown factors., such as type of stone bench tops, or thickness of stone, type or style of tap ware or sinks, cost or type of tiles, style of carpet, etc etc. The list is endless. The more information you can give your builder the more accurate their price will be. If you can tell them exactly what thickness the stone bench top in your kitchen will be, they will be able to price it accordingly. It all comes down to how much research you are willing to do before you get your quote done.

There’s a lot to organise, how can you help me manage all the different stages of my build?

A builder with comprehensive knowledge of the complete design and construction process is an important ally to have. At Gilcon, we pride ourselves on being able to collaborate with our clients from as early in the building process as possible. We work with you and our architects to offer advice and solutions at every stage to ensure an outstanding result that your family can enjoy now and into the future.


Get your dream home project off to the best start by discussing your needs in detail with a personalised consultation.

We pride ourselves on our personal, client focused approach and this begins with a no-obligation consultation where you can expect the following:

Discuss exactly what you need.

Explore your budget and advise what you can expect from your money.

Get an idea of your timeline expectations and availability.

Discuss any ideas you have and how they fit with your budget.

Formulate a plan to move forward.