When you’re building your dream home, the last thing you want to worry about is lack of quality or not being heard by your building team. After all, this is one of the biggest financial investments of your life, and you deserve to feel taken care of and heard at every point in the process.

This is where we, at Gilcon Designer Homes, take particular pride and outshine our competitors.

After over 20 years in this industry, we have this process down to a fine art. From our carefully curated team of qualified and experienced tradespeople to ensuring we source materials of the highest quality, our dedication is to you and making sure your investment is in the best possible hands.

Our mission is to ensure you don’t feel alone on this journey for even a moment. Our greatest point of pride is that Kent- our founder, owner, and head builder- is personally involved in each and every project.
During the build, you will have access to our online portal, which allows you the luxury of being able to monitor each phase of your project and touch base with your project leader if the need should arise. With a single point of contact throughout your build, you have the opportunity to communicate your needs in detail; we, in turn, will ensure our communication with you is clear and concise, steering clear of industry jargon that only serves to confuse.

Our goal is to offer you complete transparency throughout the collaboration, so you know exactly when you’ll be handed the keys to your new home.

When partnering with Gilcon Designer Homes, you will be taken care of by our well-rounded team of professionals who cover every aspect of the building process, from contour survey, geotech reports, and soil samples to design, planning, and engineering.

We see your project as a partnership, a collaboration, and aim to make you feel heard and taken care of throughout the build.


Gilcon Designer Homes is led by Kent Gilbert, our founder, owner, and head builder. 

Regardless of his high station within the company, Kent chooses a hands-on approach, making sure he is personally involved with each and every project we take on. 

His dedication to quality and precision means that you will step through the door of your new build and know that you are home.

After over 20 years in the industry, Kent has honed his craft and has a solid vision of how he likes to do business. His commitment to the client experience allows you to go through the process without the usual stress and anxiety. Working with Kent and his team will be an experience to remember for years to come- for all the right reasons. 

Kent’s vision is to build luxury homes designed by the client for the client, with the best support and expertise in the industry.

In building a team, Kent values reliable, community-minded people; honest, hard workers who understand the culture of collaboration and quality.

When asked what sets Gilcon Designer Homes apart, Kent is passionate in his response. 

"Having an honest builder that works for you and makes you, the client, the priority. This is what will change the building industry for the better. I personally take care of the details and manage the construction right through to when I hand you the front door keys.”

Kent Gilbert


Chris started his career with an apprenticeship and has been a supervisor with Gilcon Designer Homes for long enough that he feels the culture of excellence, perfection, and partnership is deeply ingrained in him. As one of the supervisors in the company, Chris is one of the main points of contact for clients, and his passion for ensuring that each and every build is done to perfection is a point of pride within the company. 


While Conor began his career after an apprenticeship with Gilcon in carpentry, his real passion and strength is working directly with clients directly as a liason. After 6 years in carpentry, Conor shifted into a role that allows him to liaise directly with clients to ensure their satisfaction throughout their projects.


Kyle has been in the industry for 12 years. Using old school techniques to cut conventional frames and roofing, Kyle brings the skills needed to create the highest quality builds. A lover of the industry as a whole, Kyle’s dedication to delivering the perfection demanded by the client makes him an excellent asset to the Gilcon team.

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