Put simply, ask yourself - would you prefer your home to be a quality build that is going to last your lifetime? Or are you happy to settle for a home that is really only designed to last until the warranty has expired? Of course, your budget is something to think about, but with a project build, you’re far more likely to have ongoing costs. A custom build that is built to last is going to stand the test of time, and save you money in the years to come. A project builder is also building for someone else’s family, not for yours. A custom build is going to be specifically tailored to your wants and needs.
A custom home builder is building unique homes that have never been built before, and are done so to the client’s specification.
A project builder will generally have a catalogue of home designs for you to choose from. You may be able to tweak certain aspects like colour or material, but the homes they offer are not custom designed and built.
As mentioned above, a customer home builder does exactly that- provides you with your dream home built to your specifications, down to the smallest detail. And because we aren’t mass producing any aspects of the homes, we pay a premium to suppliers, since each aspect is unique.
Each home we build is a passion-project, so we don’t just focus on building to code. We focus on longevity, on creating a home that will surpass codes and expectations. And because we aren’t having to build a certain number from a limited catalogue, we take the time and make the effort to over-engineer everything, so your ceiling won’t sag, your floors won’t buckle, and your slab won’t have structural cracks.
We also provide a hands-on service. You will meet the owner of the company personally, and he will oversee your project. You also have full access to our online portal, which allows you to monitor your build virtually, at every point of the project.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our builds. We recognise the investment that goes into them, so we build and finish so that your investment pays dividends in the future.
Fluctuations in costs usually occur due to materials or specifications not being clear at the start of the build.
For example, one material or brand of stone bench top is likely to be more expensive than another, and if your initial specs are based on a cheaper material or brand, the cost will be higher at the end if you change your mind in favour of a pricier variation.
These variations are possible in every aspect of the build, so if you’re able to give your builder this information from the start, the more accurate your quote will be.
It all comes down to how much research you are willing to do before you get your quote done.
A builder with comprehensive knowledge of the complete design and construction process is a vital asset for your project.
At Gilcon Designer Homes, we pride ourselves on being able to collaborate with our clients from as early in the building process as possible. We work with you and our architects to offer advice and solutions at every stage to ensure an outstanding result that your family can enjoy now and into the future.


If you’re seeking professionalism, integrity, craftsmanship and a strong rapport with your builder that will exceed expectations, get in touch with us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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